Power of purposes…

Where do you do your best work?

According to Gallup, one of the most trusted companies in the world, 90% of American workers do their best work outside of work. Huh? Yup, it’s true. When surveyed by Gallup, workers in our free country confirm they’re best work is done where they are not paid – namely for family, charity, and community.


Because they “believe in” the purpose of their community, charity, and family; their company, not so much. This is why we ask our BTL clients to author an authentic OPUS. It’s not an acrostic you check the box when done. Your work is designed to become a labor of love. One fueled with passion and purpose toward a big dream you believe in, right? Your CORE, when it’s strong, is your integrator. Your CORE keeps you centered on what really matters in work and life. You’ll know it’s real when you do your best work where you are – wherever you are. This is why there are multiple CORE purposes in a healthy human. The strong dude toggles from one clear why to another. This is the power of purposes. Simple, not easy.

You’ll know you’re BBTL when you can answer honestly you do your best work wherever you are. Slow down. Reflect. Write. Where you doing less than your best? If it’s tied to a CORE purpose, tighten it up. If it’s not, why you doing it?

Your why’s matter. Come clean. Get clearer. Remember, you can be too much of many things. You cannot be too clear. Rinse and repeat.

Live hard. Love harder…

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