Tools of the trade…

Over breakfast recently, a fellow builder was sharing how he’s building competency. He’s zeroed in on a few areas of competency he wants to master and has been measuring them. He could feel and see the improvements. He likened it to a golf pro and I thought the analogy was magic.

We all can step on a golf course and take some shots. It might not be pretty, but it’s the same course a pro would use, and by and large the same types of clubs. So what’s the difference?

A pro has mastered the tools of her trade. She knows when to pull out which club based on the course, the conditions, how she feels, what she’s observing…any number of factors. So the number and types of shots she can take far surpasses any rookie.

Why does that matter? She has more flexibility to her game AND more ability to pair the exact right club and shot choice to the needs of the game. This is true for my fellow builder as well. He’s enjoying the game (building) even more because the course has opened up for him. He’s getting clear on which clubs he wants to use, when he wants to use them, and for what purpose.

Where do you need to build competency in your game? Get specific and detailed. Then figure out how you want to measure it and go DO – practice and play.

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