You are…

You are meant to think deeply and live a life of high design. You are meant to gain clarity through writing and talking. You are designed to gain confidence and conviction through acting. Fact.

Recently I challenged a teammate, in BTL team practice, to share her thoughts regarding her delayed, difficult conversation with a friend. It took a deadline to get her to do what she wanted to do for some time. She felt relief, she shared, the instant she put her feelings out in the open – like a heavy, dead weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Damn. I see hurting humans, everyday, carrying backpacks loaded down with some heavy, heavy shit. Instead of getting rid of the stink, most humans get busy distracting themselves from the smell. Works now. Does. Not. Work. For. Long. What does, you ask?

Strong CORE.

The man/woman who knows what they believe, who they are, how they want to live, and why it matters, is a soul on fire. These people live lives, not of quiet desperation but of confidence, conviction, and calm even in the face of intense pressure and dark nights of the soul. Instead of distraction, the strong chose productive action. The strong share their heart with a few. They talk. They get real and raw. They cry, laugh, and gain clarity as they go places that feel heavy and hard. Weight is lifted as we open up, isn’t it?

You are not too much or too little. You are a beautiful soul becoming the original you are. The process of you becoming you is just that, a process. Get out of your head and into your heart. Build your strong CORE. Author an authentic OPUS. PoP it out with uncommon confidence, conviction, and consistency. This is the recipe for living and loving well. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Slow down, my sped up friend. Slow down.

You are enough and are meant to become so much more. Think deeply. Write clearly. Talk honestly. Act accordingly. You are. Good. What, friend, do you believe?

Live hard. Love harder…

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