What is your team catching from you…

The greatest gift, I believe, that a leader can give to his or her team is really simple and incredibly hard.  If you’ve been following this blog for any stretch of time, you have heard this before.  Let this serve as another reminder.

The greatest gift is the gift of these four words as Blaise Pascal uttered so very long ago.  “I give you the gift of these four words, Pascal said, I believe in you.”  What an amazing gift to give.  

Leaders are believers.  We all want to be led by someone that believes.  Transformational leaders believe in something bigger than themselves, this keeps them humble.  They believe in their vision and purpose.  This gives them clarity.  They believe in themselves and they believe in their team.  This gives them conviction and their team something magical…


Transformational leaders, led by their strong CORE, a humble spirit, a clear vision, and a convicted heart get what money can’t buy and what is worth more than silver or gold…

Committed followers.

Transformational leaders give their followers the gift of their belief because they can and because they desperately want to.  Once a team member tastes their leaders belief, they begin to catch it.  Throughout history this has been true.  Leaders believe first.  AND, as they give their belief to another the belief starts to multiply.  This is the real “multiple” that great leaders are after.

What are you chasing?

Are you a believer?

Does your team sense your overwhelming belief in them?

Have you done the hard work inside your CORE, so you can give away the greatest gift?

Are you believable?

What is your team catching from you?

Tell me more, my friends.

Tell me more…

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