You’re invited to a Valentine’s Evening at Muirfield

If you follow this blog you’ve read about Jim Sullivan’s favorite holiday (Thanksgiving).  Unfortunately, this upcoming Valentine’s “holiday” is one that makes many married guys like me feel, well — inept.

Why?  Until I got certified in Myers-Briggs (MBTI), I didn’t know the technical words to explain that of the “8 mental functions” for my personality type, “introverted feeling” is in the 7th position for me — one of my least used.  It operates in the role of “Trickster/Confuser” deep in my subconscious, and against my positive self-esteem.

In other words, I have the natural romantic acuity of Bob Newhart.  For me to know what I’m feeling, I have to consciously think about it, with a deer in the headlights expression and awkward pauses while I do.  I’ve had to take remedial classes for the BUILT TO LEAD Essential on “Build Your Emotional Intelligence”.  The upside about Valentine’s Day is the little candies with romantic sayings already on them — they make nice cue cards (and sometimes I can give a few to Connie and let them do all the talking).

Whether you’re a romantic dunce like me or not, the important news for all of us is that the greatest leaders & teams in work and life are built, not born.   After 26 years as a husband, 12 as a pastor, and 6 as a student of BUILT TO LEAD, I know that our tagline “Together We Improve” has special applicability to marriage.

So I’m very excited to facilitate a special Friday evening at Muirfield Country Club on February 12 to help couples start Valentine’s Weekend with a spark (i.e. the good kind).  If you’re in the greater Columbus area, I hope you’ll join us for a dynamic discussion over dessert & wine about love & marriage — BUILT TO LEAD style. This will be a fun, interactive evening filled with laughter where we’ll explore some of the romance principles many of us have simply forgotten amid life’s transitions.  Together we’ll practice and recapture what it’s like to be truly “engaged”, not “just married”.

What: A Valentine Evening to Remember
When: Friday, February 12, 2010
Where: Muirfield Village Country Club
8715 Muirfield Drive
Dublin, OH 43017
Time: 7pm-10pm
Cost: $25 per couple (Dessert & Wine)
Please contact Rachel to register: / 614.486.5437

For invitation flyer:  valentinesflyer-final

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