S,S,A,J,M,K,J,D,D and me…

Shannon, Steve, Angela, Joe, Mark, Kevin, John, David, and Doug were introduced to BUILT TO LEAD this past week.  They immersed themselves in a three day BTL bath.

They took in U2 (Live from Boston),  learned how to (Walk The Line) with Johnny Cash, turned up an organ player with Bob Dylan, and got (Into The Wild) together.  They learned how to speak BTL style (clear, concise, and direct).  They learned how to tune in like an animal being stalked.  They discovered their very own “justice threads” and began to understand why so many people like to “stick it to THE man.”  

They learned that “Freakin’ AWESOME” feels good to say.  AND, so do a few other choice words.  They learned about their CORE and about the power of passion, purpose, and the BTL process.  Doug “anded” brilliantly to this framework with a new word.  Don’t miss this.  This could be huge.  He added the word…


They closed their eyes and imagined what life would look like if you only invested your time doing what gave you energy, what you loved, and only did so with those you chose.  They learned that there really is only one “L” of a difference between being alone and ALL ONE.  They discovered the truth about the real “F” bomb and that only LOVE ever conquers fear.  They learned that cynicism is overrated and that we can stop feeding it.  

They saw the power of emotion.  AND, they learned that emotional memories are the only ones we’ll take to our 90’s.  They just are.

They learned that excellence requires that we “lean into our tendencies.”  They thought long and hard and realized that thinking like that, is really hard work.  They laughed a bunch and they gave each other courage.  They discovered that the world is full of laborers and could use a jolt of 9 more OPUS practitioners.  

They read some C.S. Lewis, some Tolstoy, some Guinness, and some other dead French guys.  They wrote like banchees and discovered that there is real power in their pen. They learned from Leonardo that the seeds of genius are built, and they began to lay the foundation.  AND, they inspired the holy crap out of me.  They just did…

They got tired together.  I got tired with them.  It was a good tired.  I’m still feeling it.  I can hardly wait to “practice” with them next month.  Thank you Heather!  This team and BTL are going to live out our tagline, together we improve.  In fact…

This team fits me like a comfortable pair of New Balance trail shoes.

Yea, BABY.

They’re that good…

6 thoughts on “S,S,A,J,M,K,J,D,D and me…

  1. AND we met a human being that is not just dreaming his OPUS, but LIVING his OPUS. What a rare and treasured find!

    AND the ands are coming naturally AND I am writing like a banchee AND I feel Alive AND I wonder how long I will be drunk on BTL…

  2. AND, you are too kind. Keep drinking in the principles, keep applying them before you feel like you’re ready, keep building your strong CORE, and I’ll see you on the trail.

    Thanks for all your brought to the party this past week, and look forward to seeing you and the team, real soon…

  3. We had the BEST team meeting today we’ve ever had. We were passionate AND actively listening, AND had our antennas up AND were using our senses AND we came so close to OUR core AND….

  4. And we are developing a clear vision which will guide us through the rough waters and give a clear direction to succed.

  5. AND… at one point in the meeting we stopped commentary and went around the table, spoke one at a time while the others actively listened. AND while we didn’t make it all the way through without asking questions, we almost did. AND then the conversation took on a better tone after we did this. AND Mark talked more AND I hope I talked less. AND I’m freakin’ one tired Summa Gun.

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