Listen, learn, and let YOU take care of the legend…

I LOVE hollywood writers.  Good writers weave compelling stories, rife with conflict, struggle, and redemption.  In essence, they always tell us the story of the hero’s journey.  We seemingly never tire.

Last night, Taylor and I watched I Am Legend, starring Will Smith as the quintessential hero.  He who was destined to save the world.  He just couldn’t quite do it alone. He couldn’t solve the problem, regardless his science, until someone seemingly small and insignificant came alongside and offered him hope in something bigger than his really big brain.

As the film reaches it’s final scene, Smith finally begins to believe.  He gains clarity of his vision.  He sees that his science has broken through. He sees his enemies LOVE in the midst of his and their loss.  He notices what he’s continually missed.  He catches the sign of the butterfly as the glass breaks and he realizes that he was never ALONE, that there is a God, that there is a plan, that he can’t “fix this”, and yet HE can.

In disbelief, his friend and her son take the vile that will save the world and beg Will to join.  As he seals his fate and theirs, he simply responds that he’s starting to “listen.”  Magic…

All ONE, remember is only one L of a difference from being isolated, losing hope, and feeling like we are all ALONE.

LOVE is the L of a difference we all require.  Look around you, employ all your senses, quiet the noise, practice “being with” those that cause you pain, pray for help to really hear and for eyes to really see, and HE that is LOVE, will somehow, someway, show you the way forward.  HE just will.

God, help me to really tune in, listen, learn, and let YOU take care of the legend.

God, help me.

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