What do you think…

“I need some help today, Chet, my client exclaimed as he plopped down next to me.” I asked him to tell me more. He did.

He told me that he had just come from another frustrating meeting and that he didn’t know what to do. “How can I get better about not letting stupid people, that I have to work with, take my energy?” I asked him what he thought. He no likee.

“CHET” he bellowed, I need an answer not another damn question!” I kept asking. He got more and more frustrated and he didn’t wear it badly but he didn’t wear it well. I kept forcing him to think and after a little more coaxing his head began to clear and good thinking returned. He came up with some solid answers and I gave him a good “and.”

Here’s the “and” that I sent his way. I told him that stupid people are just another example of adversity and that anybody trying to do anything is going to face plenty of it and it’s not going away. The only option is to get stronger yourself. If you’ve got a incompetent banker (that you are stuck working with) your only alternative is to get stronger. Create the strongest proposal that even a fool couldn’t resist.

And, I asked him where he gets his energy. This is HUGE. It just is. Life, remember is one big energy management problem. Do you see it?

I told him that mine comes within and from above and that there is a reason that I end most of these rants with the simple words…

God, help me.

How pure is your energy source?

Who do you rely on when you are overwhelmed with the adversity in your world?

How’s that working?

Tell me more, my friend.

Tell me more…

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