Just between us…

Having just polished off my third Lewis book in one row, (as Miss woud say) I am feeling and thinking beyond my norm. Reading books that are just out of your reach has that effect.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of helping a pair work through some of their shit. Every pair, every couple, every company, and every team has an abundance of the smelly stuff in their midst. Unlike the real thing which loses it’s stench and size with time, the stuff between humans does just the opposite.

Dang it.

We tend to think otherwise and hope it goes the way of the real thing, but it does not. Over time the conflict between us grows stronger in word and deed. Problems, remember, are not self healing systems. And, our problems will remain our problems until ONE of us decides to solve ’em.

Funny, it really doesn’t take more than one.

Yesterday, I reminded this pair that their pain is not the problem; their avoidance of their pain is. They are moving toward each other now and are noticing how smelly it’s gotten in between them. As they keep moving through their stuff the fragrance will change. It just will.

Like all of life, the hardest part is taking the first step. This is especially hard for us humans because we always feel the first step is someone else’s. Step anyway. AND, make sure you lay down your weapons first.

I wrote this poem (my only one) back in 2006 and leave it here as a reminder to this pair and any other pairs that are paying attention.


LOVE God, yourself, and people.

LOVE your work and LOVE your team.

LOVE the pursuit and passion of following your dream.

LOVE the falling and the failing.

LOVE recovering and the healing.

LOVE the breaking and the building.

LOVE the storms and savor the smooth sailing.

LOVE seasons and the changes.

LOVE what is not common and what makes no sense.

LOVE God, love people, and remove your fence…

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