Kary has left the Shire…

Many moons ago, exactly when I’m not sure, I seared my buddy and Pastor client, Kary. We were talking about him pursuing his OPUS which was clearly taking him away from his role as Pastor. He was trying to do what so many of us do; pursue his passion without leaving his place. Rarely works. I listened, smiled, and offered him nothing in return. After a few seconds of quiet, he broke and asked me what I thought. My response was clear, concise, and direct.

“You can’t take the ring and stay in the Shire.”

Being a fellow Lord of the Rings follower, Kary got my message. He imagined Frodo’s passion and his acute pain and extrapolated this thought and made it his. Seared he was.

So, he did what he felt God calling him to do and he jumped. Literally, he left the Church and began his next chapter, his next expression as a solo artist of sorts. He could have taken the easy route and jumped into another tame setting like Maxywell. He could have taken his chances as a builder with BTL. He could have made this move much safer and much less painful. He chose not to. He chose to embrace the acute pain and follow his calling and his caller. He made the right call…

Kary is a real stud you see. Kary is a believer who is facing his fear and focusing his mind on his call. Kary is going to change the world and I am going to have a front row seat. Kary is going to keep writing books, running seminars, and coaching folks all with the aim of “igniting their souls.” Kary and I are going to grow old but not tired together. I love his passion for his company and deeply respect his work. BTL is in him. I’ve been blessed…

Today, as I watched him grimace and groan in the 3PP, I didn’t see some punk in pain. I saw a young man pushing himself on purpose. I saw a man that knew why he was here. And, as he walked away I noticed a confident stride. His shoulders were slightly pulled back and his spine showed NO slump. He smiled broadly, gave me a solid fist bump, and was off.

Kary has left the Shire…

10 thoughts on “Kary has left the Shire…

  1. Chet. Thanks so much for telling me the truth in love even when it was tough to hear. You’ve challenged me, beyond words. And I am a Soul on Fire because of it. Although it will be sad to leave this position and serving such wonderful people in this role, I know I have to listen to the One who’s called me.

    Blog post, video, and letter which communicated me leaving the Shire.


  2. Chet, I agree! Kary has been an inspiration to me, as your influence has as well, through him. I can relate to the difficulty of such a decision, but the truth is the fire of destiny that burns in our hearts compels us to take such risk. And having mentors, builders and inspirer’s such as yourself is giving the believers, entrepreneur’s, authors and innovators of my generation the nudge we need to accept the acute pain of purpose. From my heart of hearts, thank you!

  3. What’s the 3PP Chet?

    You don’t know me however I just finished the Opus cohort with Kary. I am so grateful to you for conceiving and implementing such a practical and simple roadmap to purpose. The clarity and affirmation that I have gained from Kary and the others in my cohort was transformative.

    The things that this process crystallized were astonishing. I understand things about myself now that were true 25 years ago – only now I can articulate them… actually I *have* articulated them – in my OPUS.

    Thanks Chet!

  4. The 3PP is the basement of my house where we practice doing the 3P’s. Push ups, pull ups, and planks. The other P stands for palace because the unfinished part of the basement is where we workout and it’s kinda unkept…

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