Taylor, Twenty One Pilots, Joel, and Grace…

New Albany Church meets in some Elementary school in New Albany and is focused on reaching young people. Taylor’s been going for awhile and he invited Miss and me to come along today. Joel Kovacs gave a great teaching on Psalms 18:16-19. He boldly brought the text to life all while encouraging his mostly young audience to follow him on their phone. Yes, I followed him with my Bible. I am NOT their target audience you could say, but you couldn’t help but connect to his message.

Twenty One Pilots attends this Church and along with the NA band rocked the place into a worship fever that had me wondering if I was at Church or a concert. Love it when you can’t really tell.

Grace, a NA High School junior, told her story via a video clip that rocked me to my roots. She told her story of depression and anxiety. She was real and raw. She talked about her battle to stay alive and how she had come within a phone call of leaving us. Her bravery was unmistakable.

Twenty One Pilots came out again to wrap up the service in song and as Tyler sang his new song about surviving the night, I couldn’t help but think about what a troubled time it is for so many teens and twenty somethings. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer for this generation and for mine. Tyler kept singing, my mind kept racing, and my eyes started dripping. The first tear hit my right cheek and just as suddenly another moistened my left. I blinked back a few more and thanked God for these feelings.

The message today was titled, Be Brave. As I fought back tears it kinda made me laugh at what a basketcase I am. I talk tough, think I’m tough, and yet can be reduced to tears by teens and twenty somethings as they demonstrate real courage in the face of debilatating feelings and the pressures of their peers.

Thanks Taylor, Twenty One Pilots, Joel, and Grace. You are demonstrating what it means to be brave. You are worth fighting for. And, remember, God promises that He will fight for you, He will rescue you, and He will unbind you and lead you to the open spaces. May God continue to bless you.

Today, your brave words and actions, blessed me…

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