This is why we are here…

By way of reminder. I wrote this two years ago. I see this all the time…

I work with ten companies at the present moment.  Three of these companies are led by an owner or a founder that wants to fire me and BTL.  I’ve come to accept that this is normal and  is just the way that all systems work.  All systems have people trying to sabotage the system from within.  All systems tend to kill those that are dying to help them.  Study your own history.  How often have you “shot the messenger?”  How often have you tried to  “shut up your nagging wife?”  How often have you ignored your “truth tellers” advice?  How often have you even noticed…

In each of these companies the performance has improved significantly since engaging with BTL.  We are doing good work and I know it is making a difference.  We will still get fired by some we are trying to build.

We will continue to build.

Our purpose at BTL and mine specifically is as follows:

“We Awaken, Challenge, and together we Transform individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE.  ONE, distinct and deeply connected, that is BTL.”  This is why we are here…

Few owners have this clarity.  Few owners are willing to do the REAL, HARD, WORK to build a team that is distinct and deeply connected.  Few owners are willing to build themselves once they sense that they’ve already arrived.  They just want things to remain in a state they understand.  This state feels comfortable to them.  It has a name too.

The status quo.

Of course they don’t say as much, but their actions scream this truth.  They are threatened by me and by their deeply changing team.  They don’t want the challenge.  They simply want compliance.

Do not be surprised when you get more distinct and more ONE with yourself, there will be many around you that want to cause a divide.  They will see your clarity and try to tear it down.  This is normal.  Do not be afraid and do not be surprised.  Focus on the few that believe.  Remain calm and continue to build.

Continue to build.

Remember, this is why we are here…

2 thoughts on “This is why we are here…

  1. Let me second that Chet! Each of us as Builders have heard this line from before…….”I want this for my team, these guy’s need it, I wish I had the time but I don’t……..but that’s ok…..there the one’s who need!”

    Another words…..I have arrived, I’m comfortable and I WON’T take the time to get better as a leader!!

    Thanks Chet…..a Great Reminder!


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