Play you…

According to modern pyschology, a full 85% of any group of peers suffers from what they’ve coined the “imposter syndrome.” In other words, when in a room with one hundred teammates, 85 feel that they don’t belong. 85 feel that they are posers. Here’s the funny part – most of the posers are the 15% that think they’ve got their shit together. How funny is that?

Today, as you lead whatever you’re attempting to lead remember that the team knows you can’t possibly have it all together. Your attempt at faking it, aint making it. Go on, willingly expose your faults. Take your Shell Answer Man mask and toss it in the trash. You don’t need to have all the answers. And, if you did I guess we would prop you up on a pedestal and proceed with the worship service. Do you really want that kinda following?

Throughout history, humans have given their absolute best effort when following a huMAN. Be one.

And, while you’re at it, practice keeping the right secrets. Hold onto your acts that you tend to think are you at your virtuous best. Don’t publicize them, flaunt them, or proudly parade them in front of your team. Bury them deep inside your being. This way their interest will accumulate within you. Your virtuous nature will expand. Keep these acts a secret. And, when you f’ up something furious, willingly expose your faults. This will force your vices out of you. This will free you of their nasty hold on you. Funny, huh…

This formula will not get you elected.

You will fail as a politician. However, this will build you into a real leader. You will not feel like a poser because you won’t be one. You will not worry about the imposter syndrome. You will not have to worry about what mask to wear when you head out. You will play you. Very cool.

You will pull on your blue jeans, throw on your tee shirt, and head out the door or head back home with the quiet confidence that can only come from within. The “damn few” will follow. That will be enough. God, help me embrace this truth. God, help me…

2 thoughts on “Play you…

  1. …whatever Collins else didn’t get right in “Good to Great” he got the “Level 5” leader attribute right even though in his worldview he didn’t know how to “get it” or build it — he could only observe it.

    Toto what you are describing is right after BUILD YOUR CORE in the 12 Essentials for Personal Excellence playbook….it’s called BUILD YOUR HUM-i-LITY.

    The paradox of thinking of yourself “less” doesn’t make you less it makes you greater. God, help us remember this is what you modeled on this earth and taught those who would follow you as leaders to replicate, first in ourselves and then in those we build. Give me truth tellers who will “hit” me when I need a PR-i-DE check. Nothing “PRDE” about it when “I” in the middle.

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