Toxic talent…

Our purpose, at BTL, is to deeply unify you and your team into ONE. Our aim is for the kinda oneness that comes when you are distinct and deeply connected. Cults aim for oneness that deeply connects but does not allow individual expression. “Drinking the kool-aid” may provide deep unity but it’s not the ONE you want.

Let me remind you as to why most teams under-perform. It’s not because they turn into a cult. It’s because individuals just like you and me, unproductively rebel. We say F’ you, under our breath of course, to the boss and attempt to get even under the cloak of darkness. We fight passively and without a focus on getting better. We fight to prove we’re right. We fight with a focus on what’s good for one, not for all. We form alliances with other unproductive rebels and sabotage the very system where we’ve taken up residence.

And, the big problem is we don’t see it. We think it’s just the culture here. We think we’re just doing what everybody else is doing. We think we’re not the problem. We think the problem is always above us – always upstairs.

The enemy to deep unity is, again, a failure of nerve. Most leaders know their system is laced with unproductive rebels and their toxicity, it’s just NOT easy to eliminate them. Oftentimes, these toxic talents hold the leader hostage because they are putting up some points. They’re contributing on some level, the leader says to herself – we’ve isolated them, no bigee.


Toxicity spreads like cancer. You have to take it out. You have to endure some acute pain. This is why becoming ONE is so hard – cause it hurts. Do you see it? Your Mom did. “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.” Funny, huh.

What toxic talent Y.O.U. holding on to…

2 thoughts on “Toxic talent…

  1. Awesome post Toto… 28 55 17 means we have mustangs, mules …. AND a new one — “moles.”

     p.s. more on that soon

    — John Rue BUILT TO LEAD “Together We Improve” 614.402.3267

    On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 2:43 PM, BUILT TO LEAD

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