EXTRA- ordinary love…

Have you found what you’re looking for?

I’m always looking for the roots of high performance and continually amazed at how often my search centers ’round U. You see, U2 continues to give me a sterling example of extraordinary. There is nothing normal about this team of four. Teamed together now for 37 years, this teams identity has evolved while remaining anchored to a worldview that appears dug into depths seemingly unimaginable. These guys are not going away. 

Their new album, however, isn’t coming anytime too soon. Due out months ago, it is rumored to be arriving next month or as late as next year. You see, U2 allowed themselves to be distracted. They were flowing and right in the middle of finishing when Nelson Mandela went and died. The request came almost immediately for U2 to author a song in their friends honor. They took next to no time to decide to drop everything and write the song titled, “Ordinary Love” to honor Mandela. Listening to Larry Mullen Jr. (drummer) describe the U2 decision making process is particularly illuminating to who they are. “It was hard to stop what we were doing. We were on a roll. It was clear where we were going. And a decision was made to abandon ship, more or less, to focus on this.”

And so they did. 

U2 dropped everything and focused all their creative energy toward making a single for a friend. The track is extraordinary. The first pre-released track from the yet unfinished album is as well. It’s titled “Invisible,” and is described by Bono as the way they as a band felt when they were starting out years ago. Funny, regardless what you or I may think about this team of four, one thing we almost certainly share is simply this – we see them.

And they are not ordinary.

Remember, our aim is not to be normal. We want you to discover the depths in you and author an OPUS worth striving toward. We cannot predict the size or scope of your audience. We can guarantee your opus will be real, hard, work. You will experience adversity. You will have to deal with distractions some good and some not so good. And, as you get after your craft and live a life worth living we know a little something about you and your bands journey. Let this sink in and encourage you. Y.O.U. will become EXTRA-ordinary in your effort to find what you’re looking for.

And, a few will be with U2…

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