Think about it…

Stress is not your enemy. Stress is a challenge to your system enabling growth. Growth and stress are inextricably linked. For most of us the problem is we’ve stayed too long in the comfort zone and any foray into the challenge zone feels foreign. We’ve made our lives so comfortable, convenient, and consumption oriented we feel the slightest pains and register ’em as unbearable in our oh so undisciplined mind.

Most of your teams reflect this same aim toward the comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, most of your teams are putting in lots of hours, answering lots of emails, doing lots of things, busy chasing, busy doing, running from meeting to meeting, and available for anything kinda machine like. The missing stress for most is in their head, literally and figuratively. You’re NOT stressing your thinking.

The truth is when you study teams you will see this. Most of you are simply married to your routine. You’re comfortable with it. It kinda works for you. You mindlessly allow your routine to form a rut and stay in it just a little too long. You get comfortable. Slow down and reflect.

Where do Y.O.U. need to challenge you? Where are you married to a mediocre routine? Where do you need to stress your system? Y.O.U. stressing you is the real anti-anxiety pill. Think about it…

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