You’re a conductor…

I love studying the cranium, specifically what’s housed in it – our brain. Here’s something cool you may not know about yours and mine; they are wired to conduct.

Our brains produce and use energy. In fact, our brains use more energy than any part of your body. Your brain fatigues before your glutes, hammy, or even your bulging bicep. And your brain conducts energy from other brains. Yup, it’s true. You’re a conductor. Ever walk through a crowded airport filled with strangers and seem to notice when someone is looking directly at you? The fact is your brain is picking up on their electric energy and your head involuntarily turns toward ’em. Your brain not only uses and produces energy; it conducts.

This is another reason it matters who you hold in your inner circle, who you hang out with, who you live with, and who you choose to hire. “Whoever” is gonna conduct business with your brain. Whoever is NOT neutral.

Your energy is NOT simply your own. You know this. You know some people drag you down and some others lift you up. This is another reason you gotta step up the drains in your system and why you’ve gotta invest your limited time with the few.

You are a conductor. What kinda brains you conducting business with?

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