Leaders, decisions, pain, and good…

Decidre, remember, is a Latin word that translates to the English word decision. We could use a few American leaders who applied the literal English translation – “to cut off.” Followers and posers keep their options open. Leaders decide. All humans are called to lead themselves. FACT. We’ve all got to take responsibility for ourselves.

You’ll know you’re a leader when you notice yourself starting to take responsbility and making decisions for the “greater good” of whatever community you’re called to serve. Humans are wired, remember, for loss aversion. When you make a decision and cut off your options, it feels like a loss. This is why in psych class you learned about cognitive dissonance and why it comes with big decisions. This is why most humans try to fit in and follow. This is why so few build their CORE and authentically author and live out their OPUS. This is why many so called leaders suffer from a failure of nerve. And, this is why, if you’re gonna lead anything you better embrace pain and suffering instead of continuing to develop your natural aversion from the inevitable.

Leaders suffer. Leaders make hard decisions and shoulder the consequences. Leaders don’t whine about their lot; they accept it. Got it?

Good. I’m glad we had this talk. And, I’m glad you’re good. I’m counting on you being and doing good. You’re good, right?


2 thoughts on “Leaders, decisions, pain, and good…

  1. Interesting. I thought we started with The OPUS. So you actually start with the core. That makes sense and sounds easier. Thanx.

    Kind rgds idun

    Sendt fra min iPhone

    > Den 17/06/2014 kl. 19:06 skrev “BUILT TO LEAD” :

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