Prove it…

Yesterday during practice 118 and 119 with a very Choice system, three of the top five producers settled in for back to back practices. Seriously. Three top performers took four hours to practice when they could have worked on their queue. Why, I wondered. I didn’t have to wonder for long.

You see, these three top performers did more than simply show up for practice. They directed practice exactly where they wanted to take it. Peak performers in any system don’t simply show up for practice – they direct practice. Kelly, Alicia, and Josh grabbed the reins and molded practice to their agenda. Churp and I not only allowed them this free rein, we encouraged it. In fact, we’ve been waiting and wondering why it’s taking ’em so long.

Remember, Moshe Dayan in the Six Day War, gave his top leaders a ton of commands from IAF headquarters. His team listened and processed each and every order. And, oftentimes they grabbed the reins and changed it. Dayan didn’t threaten legal action or remind them he was in charge. Instead, he smiled. He had built them, purposely, this way. As the war wore on, his commands became shorter and shorter. One of his last commands was simply, “Take Old Jerusalem.” Dayan simply pointed his team toward their aim. He left ALL the how, all the strategy, all the tactics, all the particulars, and gave his team all the freedom to figure out the best way to do it.

This kinda trust comes with deep practice and takes time for producers and all kinda performers to prove their worthiness. Whatever system you’re in – prove it. Prove you are worth trusting with more freedom. Prove it. Perform. Produce. And, like Kelly, Alicia, Josh, and countless others – kick your own ASS.

The problem in your system is you. You are not operating just above your international plumb line. You are operating just below it and you know it. Think I’m wrong?

Prove it….

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