North Carolina.

Michael Jordan is walking off the court after a high school tournament game. He sees Bob Gibbons, the dean of scouts, and asks him two questions. What did you think of my game, and what can I do to improve? In George Anders book, The Rare Find Gibbons recalls this moment with crystal clarity. “It’s so rare to see that. Most players want to brag about their dunks. He didn’t. He wanted to get better.”

You don’t need someone to conduct a formal 360 for you. You want to get better? Get busy seeking feedback yourself. Sure, I can help but you can really help yourself by making this one of your durable disciplines. Seek feedback. And, kinda like Neo in The Matrix, remember to ask your talent scouts, coaches, and teammates alike, to hit you with some hard truth. Only the strongest ask for it. Be one, friend.

Wheaties is not the breakfast of champions. The real breakfast of champions is feedback. Go get some. The higher up you are, the harder it is to get. You gotta make it safe and keep asking over and over. You’ll get it eventually…

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