Today, during practice faux, we stirred up some stuff and it was good. The leader came prepared and reminded his “peers” why we’re here and where we’re going. A newbie showed up curious and engaged as a learner. Another peer extrapolated his learning from practice three out in the real world. He shared his story and the team connected. I called out a passive aggressive behavior by a peer who is a strong performer. I teed up a timid one and his peers hit him with some hard truth. A virtuous leader hit him hardest by telling him he’s hiding.

Long ago, in ancient Greece, a team of warriors gathered in the agog to build unity through telling tough truths. The Spartans were not big on rank. In 480 B.C. they were led by King Leonidas. When they went into training and then into battle they referred to each other as peers – “men of equal status.” Today, during practice faux, we felt like Spartans. We felt more like Michigan State Spartans, however. We are not warriors, nor will we ever be. We are hoping to become virtuous teammates who turn practice into the best kind of locker room. Today, we tasted it a bit. We’re becoming a team of peers; Producers, Presidents, COO’s, and other positions, not so much. You see, the highest performing teams operate like ancient Sparta. They act like peers. They act like men and women of equal status.

What’s your team act like? Peers or People more interested in position, prominence, and power? Don’t trust your own perspective – go get tired with some teammates and ask around. Good…

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