Writing is the on ramp to clarity…

Practice 146 with kman’s krazies was filled with learning opportunities. As I take a couple minutes to capture one of my learnings, it’s not surprising the learning was about the power of the pen. You see, writing is like the on ramp to clarity. The more you write the quicker you get to cruising speed on the highway of your choosing. When you don’t take the time to write, it’s like you’re entering a crazy, busy freeway with an under powered engine in some kinda worn out Prius. You run out of runway before you can merge in so you hit the brakes and wait for an opening as high powered engines roar all around. Your anxiety rises and by the time you finally get going, you’re late, frustrated, and anxious about just “getting there.” Ever been there?


Writing is the on ramp to clarity. Sure it takes some time, initially, to engage your neo cortex and put pen to paper about your problem, opportunity, challenge, or conflict with a peer. However, once you put thoughts/feelings down on paper, the neo cortex helps you quiet that pesky amygdala that just wants you to rip off the head of those blockheads blocking you from your highway. The untrained brain, remember, is one anxious s.o.b., most of the time. Yup, it’s mostly fueled by fear to keep you alive. Writing calms. Writing clarifies. Writing slows us down to ultimately speed us up.

Writing is the on ramp to clarity. Want to shorten the time it takes you to get from here to there, whatever here to there is for you? Write. Rewrite. Slow down. Clarity will come. And, before you know it you’ll be making amazing progress as you open it up on the highway of your choosing. Are you getting this, friend?

Writing is the on ramp to clarity. Good…

4 thoughts on “Writing is the on ramp to clarity…

  1. Good advice Chet. I’m impressed by how easily you write, and how often. Something I don’t do. You definitely ‘walk the walk’.

    I’ve been reading your posts for a while and enjoying them. This time I chose to write something. Thanks for the inspiration. Jeff Haskett.

  2. Thanks PJ and Jeff for your attention and for taking the time to write your comment/thoughts. And, Jeff, I’m happy for you and your writing. Keep it up…

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