Send less…

Remember, your brain can effectively hold one mess at a time. And, as C.S. Lewis said, “When first things are put first, second things are not suppressed but increased.” Too many well meaning teammates will offer strong teammates twelve things to work on and they’ll all be fairly good things. Sadly, this kinda feedback will overwhelm even the best of us. Send less. Think more critically when asked to help. Offer them the first thing. STOP. Ask the receiver what they heard. Rinse and repeat until it’s squeaky clean.

Last weeks practices were all about reminders. There is nothing new at BTL. There is, however, much that has been forgotten. Our aim is timely reminders. The intersection of high performance, remember, is found at the corner of belief and ACTion. Guidance isn’t very helpful if, upon arrival at said corner, it tells you the next twelve turns to make.

“Turn right here,” I can handle.

Even when given the green light, send less. Even when you are facing a horder of bad habits, send less correction. Even when you’re invited in after all these years, send less. Send less, my well intentioned friend. Send less.

More will be received…

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