What’s next…

The phone rang this morning. Actually, Missi’s mobile phone started to vibrate as she and I were getting ready for Church late this morning. Neither one of us gets very many calls on Sunday morning – like never. The caller was our son, Taylor. He called to see if we were headed to late Church. We were. He told Miss he would meet us there and then go to lunch with us. Miss smiled as she told me about their two minute convo. I smiled as I listened. My brain was tuning in to her words and recalling all the Labor Day weekends spent on soccer fields, in cars, at pools, and running around to who knows where. Today, we went to Church and shared a meal with our son. Today, we’re gonna hang out with him as he does a little laundry and goes for a little run.

I had been feeling like this Fall was not to my liking. You see, this Labor Day marks a transition for our family. Since Jordan was nine or ten (He’s 31 this month) we’ve spent Labor Day’s in the thick of some kinda soccer season with one of our children. None of our children have a single game going on this Labor Day weekend. I can’t quite believe this season of soccer has passed us by. I love soccer but I really love seeing my son’s or daughter running and smiling as they traverse the pitch. My mind’s been kinda fixated on what it perceives as my loss. Funny, huh.

Any-who, over lunch Tay tells us he’s been running a bit. In fact, he just did his longest run yesterday of about five miles. And, he has his sights set on doing a half marathon. Who knew? So, as I write this afternoon, I’m reminded how it’s good to love your routines and it’s good to mix them up. It’s good to be surprised on a Sunday morning with the blessing of hearing a voice that you love. It is good to fixate your mind on what’s next and not what’s lost. It is good. God, help me enjoy today. And, God, help me fixate on what’s next; what’s lost, not so much. God, help me.

You know, I’ve always wanted to run a bit myself. I mean how hard could it be to run a half…

3 thoughts on “What’s next…

  1. U are truly blessed! I read these posts every day religiously and continue to grow from your wisdom! Thanks for kicking my butt early in the morning and displaying honest painful leadership in business, training and most of all family! Stay Blessed!

  2. Hey Kai,

    Thanks for taking the time to write me and for your kind words. You are welcome to come and get your butt kicked again 🙂 And, thanks so much for rescuing Tank. He blesses us everyday and just turned 8. Hard to believe it’s been that long. All the best…

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. We are truly blessed when we can cherish the past and be excited for the adventure of “what’s next”. Such joy.

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