Neo, Joe, and the power of belief…

We started practice 5 by learning why Neo finally stopped running and took a stand with the agents in the Matrix. Neo was beginning to believe. We jumped to why most leaders “talk down ” when in a one up position and finished with an artist’s explanation of our universal need to be heard. Today, this team built some trust as we went back in the playbook to learn a bit more about why we speak and listen, BTL style. We learned that our teammates, in this case, don’t speak English. They speak Joe, Mark, Scott, Tim, Rich, and Brooke. Their challenge is to learn the languages of their respective teams. You see, master connectors like Joe D. learn by listening. I mean you cannot learn the teams languages when you do all the speaking, can you? It was another good practice. I reminded them. We mostly need reminders…

No normal Joe connected the team to his O.P.U.S. and it was good. He is beginning to believe, you see. He believes in his vision, this team, and himself. He has worked hard for this clarity as all must.  He shared his ladder up to the sun and took all the questions that came his way. And, he received a little corrective feedback from his builder. You see, when connecting your team to your big dream you’ve got to keep it incredibly positive. Remember, MLK’s speech didn’t emphasize how far we had to go. His “I have a dream” speech simply painted a positive picture of someday we would judge a human on their character not the color of their skin. He didn’t need to go negative and share how far from the mark we were and how frequently we were going down, not up his ladder to equality. MLK simply shared his dream. He got us all to visualize what might be possible. Enough responded. So, today, Joe was reminded to keep it positive when connected the teams to his big dream. He’s no normal Joe. He’s a believer. And, he still needs reminders. We all do…

When you gain clarity of your O.P.U.S. and begin to connect it to your team, remember, it’s a long journey toward anything worth aiming at. Emphasize the positive. Push for performance. Tell the team a few stories of progress being made. Don’t expect your entire team to get it. You only need a few believers to spread your message. Enough will respond.

Remember, we mostly need reminders – especially positive ones. Good…

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