Use it…

I am a cyclist. Imagine, if you will, my wife bought me a new bike for my 56th trip around the Sun. She gave me a gift with the hope I would love it. Imagine I told her how beautiful and wonderful this new ride was. One would assume she would experience some satisfaction from my words. However, can you imagine how she would feel if my words were not aligned with action? What if I never rode the new bike? What if I simply looked at it, admired it, talked about it, yet never took it out for a nice, long ride? She, most likely, would stop taking my words to heart. She would begin to regret giving something I chose NOT to use.

Many of our BTL clients are giving their teams the gift of practice. Those receiving such a gift, show them your gratitude by using the gift. Simple. Use this gift. We cannot make you use the gift. You choose. Those of you who profess belief in God, here’s a question for you and me. God is the ultimate giver of gifts. He has given you an abundance of gifts uniquely to align with your wiring, your talents, your strengths, and who you are. What are your actions showing your creator? Are you using your gifts?

Again, thanks to all BTL clients giving the gift of practice. You are some kinda rare birds who give generously. Remember, all it takes is a few to multiply your gift. All it takes is a few willing to practice toward the aim of becoming the original they already are. Funny, how hard it is to become authentically the original we are designed to become. Becoming takes hard work and the gift of time. Talk about a gift, my friends. THE gift. The gift of time. How you using yours…

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