Berlin is beautiful. We’re in Andrew’s element now. His German is music to my ears. Miss is loving our Hotel even though it’s a Zoo. I am beginning to feel like myself again. You see, I’ve been emersed in three days of practice with a team representing eleven countries, a team of teams for sure. I’ve loved every minute of it and learned more than I thought possible. My system, however, has been on high alert for 72 hours as it focused on understanding ninteen souls and how best to bring them together. My system nearly shut down a bit early. My brain had depleted my energy reserves and my ability to think and find the flow was starting to short circuit a bit. Today, in beautiful Berlin, with Andrew, Miss, and even Frankeethecfoinghonkee, the restoration process begins. My brain is officially on holiday and everything in my system is telling me that is a good thing.

Remember, my friend, when you use your brain, really use it up, you’re entire system is quickly going down. Your brain uses more energy than any organ in your body and it’s not even close. So, take time to restore when the brain’s been battered. Berlin is beautiful. Brain, all we gotta do today is let it in. Nothing restores a brain better than letting it soak in some beauty. I’m looking at my Miss and I love who I see. Soon others. Soon a new city too. Brilliant.

Brilliant. Thanks, Doug and your team of teams for a truly illuminating time together. Together we improved. Good…

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