Recognize, Release, and Replace reminder…

Most panic attacks, most anxiety, most hyper-stress is simply our mind holding onto irrational, negative, and catastrophized thoughts. The untrained mind does this naturally thinking it’s doing you a favor. It’s not. Do yourself one and change your default, fear based mind. The key is to practice a new kinda catch and release program. Check this recipe out next time you find yourself feeding your anxious thoughts. Give ’em these 3R’s..

Recognize. Recognize your irrational thinking. You’ve got to catch your thinking before you can change. A great way to catch your irrational thinking is to tune into how you feel the second you notice yourself start to sweat, breathe a bit more shallow, or hear the little drunk in your head waking up.

Release. Once you’ve slowed yourself down and taken a few deep breathes, go back to your mind and release the irrational thoughts. Tell your mind that you haven’t got any evidence to support their crazy accusations. Case closed. Release the thoughts, don’t feed them. Do NOT ruminate; release.

Replace. Now that you’re calmed down and ready to move forward with some PA (productive action) replace the irrational thoughts with some good, old fashioned rational ones. Recite a few FACTS about the situation and the way forward. Focus on the FACTS.

Elite performers teach their minds how to productively think when anxiety, time pressures, and any other kinda distressors show their ugly head. The eliet know that PA is the only way forward. And, they know you cannot act productively when paralyzed, paniced, or ruminating your way ’round.

Recognize. Release. Replace. Practice applying the 3R’s when you catch yourself beginning to go anxious on us. Recognize. Release. Replace. And, PA here you come. This is the way elite performers are built. This is the catch and release program you want.

Thanks for the reminder. You’re welcome…

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