Moment of truth…

Today practice 155 gave everybody a chance to learn. I’m not sure anybody did besides me. I used to obsess about such things. Today, I simply make sure and apply my learnings. Worrying about what other people did or did not get seems downright insane, today. I mean come on man, can you really tell what’s going on in your head much less anothers?

Remember, dear friend, the more you learn and accumulate wisdom worth sharing, the more frequently you’ll feel next to nobody is listening. And, you’ll find out later, your feelings were mostly misplaced. Trust me on this one, please.

Today, I was reminded of this truth. My son, Jordan, now 31 years old wrote his parents a lengthy letter last night and in it he thanked his Mom for one of his high school graduation gifts. He told us he thought the book titled, “I hope you Dance,” was corny but it stuck with him. He said he feels like he’s dancing more than ever now. I sensed he was expressing gratitude and let it in. I had no idea.

Today, a few leaders were provided a moment of truth. Learning was available in large doses. I learned. I’ve got lots to learn. Think I’ll try to keep my focus here. Good…

1 thought on “Moment of truth…

  1. Today I heard that courage will drive better results, solve more problems, and offer more fights, than fear ever would.
    Today I saw that compassion does and will overcome the tendency to defend, deny and destroy.
    Today I understood that honesty with your leaders won’t get you fired, and if it does, it must have been a great firing.
    Today I felt a real, heartfelt challenge. When done right, it does not feel like you are being broken down or torn apart – it’s inspiring and hopeful. As a result, I understood that hope keeps us in pursuance of our goals.
    Today I realized that grounded, deep seeded belief teaches us to fight fairly.

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