Self talk…

A note to self (and others) regarding self talk. Let me practice my best version of ccd here. We all talk to ourselves. A lot of us talk negatively to ourselves. This isn’t all bad, by the way. It’s just bad if it’s the only script you play.

If your self talk is the all negative kind you are headed for anxiety, depression, or worse. Catch and release this kind, please. This is where studying Dr. Seligman’s A,B,C,D,E recipe is extremely helpful. Good.

If your self talk is mostly “pollyanna” based positivity, this isn’t all bad either. However, don’t forget to practice more than just positive self talk. Practice building competence too. Confidence without hard earned competence is not a recipe for depression, but it is for delusion. Don’t be delusional, friend.

If your self talk is informed through instructive training that leads to sincere confidence, you are on the performance trail. Stay here. Keep working. The more your prepare, practice, and perform, the more competent and confident you become. Your self talk will start to come along, mostly, for the ride. This is powerful.

Your self talk matters. The best kind is rooted in evidence – the hard earned evidence of your practice and performance. I hope this little reminder helps you as much as it has me. Good…

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