What we do TOGETHER…

…is more important than what we DO.

It’s not that WHAT we do when we’re together isn’t important – it is, but it’s secondary. What we do together is MORE important than what we do.

The “we” is you the leader and whatever system, team, teammate, bride, significant-other, family, child, teenager, group, friend, customer, prospect or whomever you happen to be around.

This isn’t just my idea or BUILT TO LEAD’s idea.   The greatest marriages, families, churches, sports teams, armies, companies, countries and civilizations in history reflect this kind of uncommon unity and highest form of culture which delivers the highest sustainable performance AND fulfillment in work and life.

This is not normal.   Mostly leaders and teams are Self-Centered, Others-Controlling, so just being together does not lead to true ONEness.  What we do together canNOT be fear-based.   It canNOT be compliance-based.  It canNOT be formula-based.   And it canNOT be taken for granted — it doesn’t just happen on its own.

It must be relationship-based by leaders and individuals who are committed in their worldview to being distinct AND deeply connected.

Leaders, if you want true ONEness, you must go first on your journey toward becoming Core-Centered, Self-Controlling.  When it comes to deeply connecting with your team, there is nothing more important than Who You Are When You’re With Them.

Then, leaders, PRACTICE what our dear late-builder Larry called giving and receiving the gift of being “with”.  This is how our BUILT TO LEAD band was built, and it’s the glue which keeps us together as ONE. In apprenticeships, to become a master, much is caught not just taught. Partnerships are built by spending time in & out of the office together making dials, making calls, making mistakes, making meals, making up lost time, making each other stronger, making genuine chemistry, and making memories which will last a lifetime. It’s why we still shadow each other and hangout together.  What we do together is more important than what we do.

Here’s a live client example.   Owner Paul and junior Jim have a big dream to be the most trusted, go-to, manufacturer’s rep for wastewater treatment equipment in Ohio.    Not wanting to micro-manage junior Jim or make him feel distrusted, owner Paul has been too laissez-faire.   Wanting to prove his independence as a good partner, junior Jim has been too disconnected. Both have felt A-LONE not ALL-ONE. So when we drilled deep on the ONE thing which would help their performance in 2016, what we wrote at the top of the Scorecard white board in their office was…

“What we do TOGETHER is more important than what we do.”

p.s. …thank you to Dr. Mac Pier of the New York City Leadership Center of Faith & Work, where this melody line has helped bring dozens of churches and ministries together across denominational lines, gender, and ethnic groups to be a blessing to the residents of our largest city

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