Mumford’s mum…

Today, in Vineyard Columbus Church, mum was the word. Actually Mumford’s mum was the word. You see, this morning, Eleanor Mumford the mother of Mumford and Sons lead singer preached it out with good, old fashioned British sensibility. She rocked the house with story after story about her transformation from skeptical human to a spiritually alive one. Eleanor shared her convincing beliefs about the empowering strength of the Holy Spirit. And, kinda like when I’m transported by music with meaning, she had me soaring and humbling kneeling. Today, Mumfords Mum shared her experience, told her stories, and took the congregation through scripture after scripture with rapidity.

Eleanor is a believer and it doesn’t take long to realize the depth or density of her roots. I don’t know much about Mumford and Sons but I certainly like their sound. I know even less about Mumford’s mum but I love her spirit. Thanks, Rich, for introducing your congregation to another leader like Eleanor. Mumford’s mum brought meaning to many this morning. Mumford’s mum brought meaning.

What does your team sense when graced with your presence, friend? I hope a little Mumford mum’s like meaning. I hope. God, help me get out of my own way and let your spirit soar through. God, help me…

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