The fine line…

Today, many moderns have conquered the ancient fears only to be overwhelmed by the new classic – too much of a good thing and too afraid to say no. So, they forget to build the discipline of margin and keep choosing more. Filled to overflowing with good people, projects, and possibilities, the modern sees her life on her iphone as meaning passes out of peripheral perspective. Overwhelmed. Remember, it’s a fine line between overwhelmed and over joyed.

The great life requires a strong CORE, deep seated humility, large doses of courage, and the discipline of a special force operator in work and life. Start here, friend. Build within and keep building. Embrace discipline. Overwhelmed is the enemy of the modern man/woman. Over joyed is possible. The road from one to another requires the discipline of margin.


CORE, humility, courage, and discipline. Build your four, first. The masses are on the overwhelmed trail – it’s unmarked, but well worn. A few are over joyed. Here’s the difficult piece. Don’t miss this. This could be huge. The over joyed trail is unmarked, period. In fact it doesn’t exist. You’re gonna have to make your own way up. You gotta figure it out. Nobody can put you on your way. We, the BTL builders are only here to help you find your own. Good.

Over joyed is the great life. And, over joyed is a fine line away from overwhelmed. God, help me find my way. God, help me choose margin over more. God, help me see my fine line. God, help me…

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