Finish him…

Today in practice 159 with kman’s krazies, Jeff underlined some words regarding his learning from his teammate BradLee.

Chance. Comfortable. Grow.

Jeff didn’t know it, but he wrote the recipe for improving your performance. In order to improve you have to move outside your comfort zone and into the challenge zone. You have to reach for something currently beyond your grasp. Once you find your reach extending, high performers keep pushing. In fact, they push to the point of failure right up against the panic zone. This is the high performance circle. Comfort, challenge, panic.

A bit later in practice Z shared Bradlee’s improvement but failed to make his learning personal. I sat silently hoping someone would challenge their leader. Frankee stepped up and began asking the challenging questions. He kept pushing Z to make it personal. However, Frankee hesitated to finish the challenge because to finish the challenge was outside his current comfort zone. Frankee has asked the team to challenge him to get better at the challenge so I pushed  him to finish Z. Think “finish him.” STOP being worried about being “that guy.” Today, fear took in a hit in Frankee’s system. He stepped into his challenge zone by challenging one of his peers. He did a good job. He got better. He gave his teammate some feedback he could use to get better too.

We ended practice with me challenging the team to be more impatient in their intention of making another better. Care enough to finish.  According to Red, “finish him” is some line from a video game named mortal combat and she kept thinking this in her mind while Frankee was on his challenge quest. Finish him. Funny, this is the only way to level up in games and in life. We’ve got to finish well. In many respects we’ve got to face our fears and finish. Good progress challenging today, Frankee. Next time, finish him. Finish him, Frankee.

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