Addictions: One ‘L of a Disorder

An addiction is a “feeling disorder” which leads to slavery, not freedom.

One of the telltale signs of an addiction is spending time and/or $$ on something which tears you & others down, not builds you & others up.  From a factual sense, addictions are utterly illogical.

This utter illogic is not lost on the addict, and the dissonance which ensues results in denial and ultimately self-loathing, which serves to perpetuate the addiction cycle to escape (i.e. temporarily) the pain, because we humans cannot stand dissonance.

However, there is no escape from the addiction as long as Feelings are the engine driving your train on the tracks of life.   When you put your Faith in your Feelings, de-railment and a train-wreck are the Facts sure to follow.

Anyone who has witnessed this kind of de-railment and train-wreck know addictions are certainly one ‘L of a disorder.  

The disorder can only be corrected when the addict learns to TRUST something greater than their feelings.   This leads to true escape, which is possible when the disorder of the addiction is corrected from trusting the “FEEL-ing” to trusting the “FLEE-ing”.   The disorder is one ‘L of a difference.

Leaders are Believers.   They know what they believe and why, and have thought through the Facts of what they will be-LEAVING behind.    Leaders with a strong core have learned to FLEE slavery, and PURSUE Freedom.

True freedom is not just freedom TO, it’s freedom FROM.   After dealing with the slavery of the addiction itself, lasting freedom comes from choosing to RESOLVE the chronic pain which led to the addiction in the first place by risking acute pain to RE-SOLVE what’s at the root.

At the root is nearly always a misplaced Identity or Worldview which has gone neglected and uncorrected for years.    True freedom comes from PURSUING a strong core, within which OPUS emerges through clarity, alignment and strength in WHY you are here, WHO you are, and then and only then, HOW to work & live. 

FACT:   PURSUING is the best kind of FLEEing, and FAITH in this order produces the ultimate sustainable FEELing in work and life.

One ‘L of a difference.   Together we Improve.

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