Don’t stop…

Yesterday, in practice 12 with a strong team of grapplers, I saw a reminder of why the hero’s journey is only for the few. Remember, the hero’s journey is the oldest story in the history of time. Put simply, this story tells us that our hero’s are normal Janes/Joes who decided to leave the comfort of the shire and get on the road toward their big dream. Their journey is filled with adversity and the vast majority who start this path don’t finish it because it is so hard.

The story reminds us of the power of big dreams, resilience, and a few friends who make us do what we can. The hero’s journey is hard. The ability to resist impulse and delay gratification is essential. These skills are getting harder to build in our modern, google the answer instantly kinda world. We’ve come to expect quick fixes because so many are available for such a variety of problems. You can’t google the answer to your journey. You have to figure it out and get busy getting after it. Yesterday, I witnessed a champion in the making. I saw a young man very commited to his craft. He is chiseled. He cares. He’s loaded with ability and talent. He’s learning. He’s working. He thinks he has earned the right for a position. He has – just not yet.

Life is hard and unfair. Opportunity doesn’t often come when we think it should. The hero simply stays the course a bit longer than the average Joe. My message to my young friend last night, and to you too, is a simple one. Don’t miss this. This could be huge. Here it is.

Keep working. Keep working. Keep working. Increase your capacity for good work. Fall in love with the real, hard, work of mastery. Focus on getting better, not bitter. Keep working. Fall in love with the process, the people with you, and the journey itself. Don’t let your pain, impatience, or poor timing, pin you down. Don’t stop. Good…

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