Today, I celebrated good news with another builder regarding one of our long standing relationships. As we caught up about work and life, I quickly wanted to dismiss the magnitude of the moment. I rushed on to the next topic. Pete told me to slow down. He stopped me in my tracks with his words. He told me I needed to savor this moment. He told me to let it in. He told me to focus my attention a bit longer on something good happening with one of our clients and the breakthrough in performance that it represented. He slowed me down to savor.


My mental tendency is to focus on what needs to be done next, what needs fixing, what’s wrong, and what can be done better. My tendency is to not savor or celebrate for long. I preach the opposite. Pete caught me and kept me in a good moment a bit longer. Thank you, Pete. Funny, I walked into my next client and noticed their tendency is not unlike mine. They, like nearly every CEO or business leader we work with at BTL, are wired to think more about what can go wrong than what just went right. So, after Pete’s priming I gave them a little courage this afternoon to celebrate the good happening with them and their team. I’m not sure I told them, however, to actually savor this moment.

I am now. Good…

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