Don’t stop believing…

Eight out of ten SEAL marriages end badly – in divorce. It takes a warrior woman to endure the kinda hell that comes with every frogman. Amy, married to Boss, is one such woman. She tells her story at the end of Marcus Luttrell’s latest book titled, Service. When asked how she holds her marriage together her response is classic and ccd. “I do it for Boss. I’d give up everything I own, crawl to the ends of the earth, and back on my hands and knees. I’d do anything for my handsome husband…I believe in him and always will.”

We quit our marriages when we stop believing – our Managers too. My friend, do you believe in your Boss? And, dear Boss, who do you believe in? When someone stops believing, remember, somebody will soon be leaving. God, help me keep my eyes on you, receiving your love, sending a little through me, and believing your promise to never leave me nor forsake me. God, help me keep your perspective and keep my promises. God,help me persevere with passion and give the gift of belief along the way. God, help me believe deeply. God, help me.

It is hard to keep believing in your boss, brother, bride, or anybody close to you. The closest relationships are always two sided swords. Don’t stop believing, friend. Don’t stop believing…

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