Fathers and daughters…

Today, a team of fourteen took their talents to Steelwood and pushed, pulled, and planked it for one hour seven minutes and seven seconds. We started with 20 heavies ( heavy ball from ground to chest, overhead, and slowly back to ground is one) and ended with 17 of ’em. In between we did a plethora of L hangs (thanks Carebear), hex bar deadlifts (thanks Grappy), box jumps (thanks FM – Mike Matrka), Sprints (thanks primal man), Spidey push ups (thanks John Phillips), flutters (thanks SEAL’s), downers (thanks Davey Chambers for giving these their name), chins (thanks Mike Matrka for making me do one back in August of 2010), up/downs (thanks for nothing), pplanks (named for our good friend Petey Kunk), rope climbs ( thanks SEAL’s), burpees (thanks for nothing, again), and somehow the hour and some change flew on by.

Today we had our inaugural father/daughter workout and it was a great success. We worked hard and we laughed a lot too. We challenged each other and it was good. Jmo about killed us at the end and yet lots of young ladies were still laughing. The rest of today is going to be a breeze around this house. Robbie (Krits friend) killed it on the sprints and is getting ready to watch Star Wars six as we prepare for tomorrow’s matinee. We’re headed out for sushi tonight and in between we’ll be walking dogs, and talking. Kinda like our workout this morning, it is always better together. BTL’s tag line, remember, is “together we improve.” Whether it’s in your work or your workouts – together you do more. Thanks to all the folks mentioned above who inspired today’s workout. You make me better. I hope to return the favor. The only problem seems to be my dang iPad and the seconds pro app.


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