Easy street to endless street…

Today, as I prepared to depart for my early morning hike up Camelback Mountain, I received a call from the apprentice. He had just received more good news from one of his clients. Yes, he’s already got clients of his own. Very cool.

He calls me all the time to tell me things. He is so excited since he chose to pursue his opus. He doesn’t notice how many hard climbs are ahead of him, how much hard work it’s gonna take, or anything realistically that could slow him down. You see, he’s discovered his labor of love and he’s just super stoked and energy filled like a young soccer stud who just found the back of the net for the first time. He just wants to get back on the pitch, keep practicing, and set himself up for another shot. This is the power inherent in an authentic opus. Opus isn’t a recipe for easy street, it’s a recipe for endless street – you can’t wait to get back on it. Does your work do that to you, friend?

If it’s your opus, it does…

As I flipped my phone silent and headed up Camelback, I could feel the edges of my mouth beginning an uncontrolled turn upwards. I was smiling a Duchenne smile as my mind realized how tied to the apprentice my own opus has become. I’ve always enjoyed working with my younger clients who, like puppies, are just fun to be around because their energy is contagious. Now, I’ve got a builder beside me who can match me in energy. Someday soon he’ll be pushing this old dog to learn new tricks. Good. It was a great climb, by the way, this morning. Camelback is a worthy challenge and a beautiful climb.  It’ll be even better when I’m chasing the apprentice on our endless climb toward mastering our craft. Together we’ll improve. Yes, together we improve. Even better.


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