Resistance, resilience, and your work…

The hardest part in mastering your craft, building your literal core, or authoring your authentic OPUS isn’t getting started. All kinda candy asses start well intentioned projects with real purpose and huge portions of passion. Few, however, finish. Few. Most stop showing up when resistance shows its ugly head. Resistance is subtle, cunning, and relentless. Resistance is the little voice in your head telling you to hit snooze. Resistance wants you to give up and gives you seemingly all kinda good data points to build its case. “You’ve done enough,” “One day won’t matter,” “It’s impossible,” “I’m so busy,” “Everythings changing,” and the proverbial favorite of the modern man, “I’m not feeling it today…”

Mastering your craft, building your literal core, and authoring your authentic OPUS are long, laborious climbs. The higher you climb the greater the resistance. Most resistance is in your head. It is relentless. It’s not satisfied until you are.

Keep showing up, my friend. If you are a Producer; keep making cold calls. If you are cook; keep mixing it up with your recipes. If you’re a grappler; keep picking a partner bigger and better. If you’re a gymnast; keep making your routine harder. If you are a artist; keep putting paint to canvas. If you are an ambassador at kdev; keep showing residents your values. If you are a professional ditch digger; keep digging in the dirt. If you are a developer; keep writing source code. If you are a writer; keep putting together paragraphs. If you are a builder; keep pounding nails. If you are a leader; keep showing up and modeling the way, embracing the pain and suffering, and embodying truth in LOVE. Leaders keep showing up all while being calm, consistent, and caring. Good.

Your feelings cannot be trusted. There will be many moments, days, weeks, and maybe even months where you ain’t gonna be “feeling it.” Show up, anyway. Don’t let resistance get it’s relentless tenacles into your system.  Keep showing up, my friend. Keep showing up. Resistance is beaten by your resilience. The seeds of your mental resilience are sown when you choose to not succumb to your feelings and will yourself back onto the mat, the 3PP, the court, or whatever is the setting for your good work. Don’t rationalize, friend. Do the work. Do your work, friend. Good…

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