You and I have a lot in common. No matter your race, gender, religion, or your age, we are more alike than different. Don Brown wrote a really dry and illuminating read, Human Universals, to prove the point. Humans are distinct and eerily similar. Here’s our most common attribute. This one has been the same since the beginning and will still be here at the end. This one will not change regardless race or religion. This one will be here after the next scientific discovery and after the next innovation from Apple. This one won’t go away with an election, a stuffed 401k, or any other future event your mind can imagine. All humans, more than anything else that they are, are one thing – full of the real “F” word…


I see mine and, if you’re a client of mine, I help you see your own. Our nature is to look away, to flinch if you will, as our own comes into view. We are very much afraid of facing our own fear.  And, this is why it so universally grips and guides our behaviors. Want less of it? Find the root of yours, face it, and choose to walk into it.

Fear that you lack credibility and will be defined by your Dad? Build credible habits.

Fear the loss of a loved one? Build the habit of being with them while they’re here.

Fear that your life is too chaotic? Build the habit of controlling yourself. Funny how fast that will slow things down.

Fear that you won’t have enough time? Build a strong CORE, author an authentic OPUS and develop the discipline to productively act in alignment with both. That will be enough.

Fear that you don’t deserve to be taken care of? Build a habit that takes care of you. While you’re at it, give some. Give and take care. Funny, huh.

Fear what the future holds for you? Take 4 deep breathes. Catch the calm that comes when you simply breathe. Make the most of this moment. Good.

Fear that you will never escape your scars of abuse? Build a habit of soothing the scars of another.

Fear that you’ll never sleep through the night again? Build a habit that tires your body, mind, and spirit while engaging in one of your “love to’s.

Fear coming and going and not leaving a mark? Build an OPUS worth laboring toward. That will transmit enough for those tuned to your frequency.

The way out of your FEAR, is always found by walking into it. Go ahead, walk on in my friend. And, grab the hand of a friend while you face your fear. You see, you and I were not meant to go it alone. We’re meant to become allONE. One “L” of a difference, huh Gurue.

Walk on…

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