Bring it…

Last night, during practice 17 with a team of OSU Grapplers, we followed Grappy’s lead when he asked us to “bring it in.” Grap wanted to ensure the team received the message from our shortened,but powerful, BTL practice. Grappy brought us in. He’s really good at bringing this team together, really together. As I observe leaders throughout this work, this ability to bring your teammates closer is a master skill. Too many leaders simply bring it to their team. They dictate, demand, delegate, and do all kinda things to their team. The great ones bring them in. It’s much easier to accept the challenge from a leader you are close to. Makes sense, yes, I’m told. “Takes too much time,” at least that is what I see…

During a teaching moment with your team, friend, remember to bring them in before you let them have it. Challenge from belief is best delivered in close proximity. And, as the heavyweight challenged the entire team last night, the best challenges come from teammates. The best challenges come from virtuous peers who love their teammate enough to tell them truth, especially hard ones. And, like young Kenny, to remind them that their love runs deeper than what happens on the mat.

Last night, a team of grapplers prepared for their big test this weekend. They were taught some lessons that have the potential to last a lifetime. They came together in a way few teams ever do. They are led by a coach who loves his work and loves his team. This kinda leader inspires the team not only to “bring it in,” and huddle up during practice. This kinda leader inspires the team to simply “bring it” when the lights are on and the teammate is on their own to perform.

Remember, all you’re on the hook for is to bring your 100%. Bring what you can control. Bring your best effort. Focus on the moment, quiet the mind, don’t think ahead, breathe deeply, and bring it. Thanks, Grappy, for bringing your best to this team. Team, all we gotta do is bring a proper and just response – bring our best too.

Bring it…

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