Dr. Kanodia, primal man, and yeastie boy…

This past December I climbed the steps up to Dr. Kanodia’s Westerville office filled with apprehension. Grappy had referred me to him kinda like kman had referred me to the last crazy doc down in Cincinnati. Both men were well intentioned, it’s just I’ve not had much luck getting to the root of my healthy/physical life. Let me step back a moment.

August 1, 2010, FM woke me. He read a paragraph out of The Primal Blueprint, by Mark Sisson that nailed me. I was quickly to my doc and diagnosed as “skinny fat.” I had an abundance of visceral fat around my organs. I had metabolic syndrome and was on my way to diabetes. My blood pressure was high even though my resting pulse was under 40. I was cardio strong and weak in so many other ways. I looked great but wasn’t on the inside. So, on that day, I changed my relationship to sugar and within months had changed many of my metrics. My blood pressure went back to normal, blood sugar and triglycerides did too. The visceral fat went from off the charts to below the norm. My doctors were blown away that this could be done without med’s. I was smiling from ear to ear.

However, all was not well within my soul. I still struggled to sleep soundly and my cholesterol numbers remained higher than normal. My primary care physician kept recommending statins and I kept saying no. A year and a half ago, upon kman’s request and prodding, I went down to Cincy to visit an alternative med doc. He asked me a couple questions, looked at my blood work, and threw me twenty supplements to take a day. All organic. All good. I took these babies for a year and then went back to primary care man to see my metrics move. I even changed my morning routine from eggs and bacon (a primal default) to healthier option of gluten free oats, milk, flax seeds, and chia. Cha Ching, I told myself as I waited for my blood work to amaze both me and my doc.

Everything was great, except my cholesterol. My nums were still alarming him even though they hadn’t gotten worse. My bad cholesterol number had to come down, he replied matter of factly. He recommended the lowest dose of Crestor and told me to stop being so stubborn. It was time I took my medicine, so to speak. So, I thought about it. I got a bit bummed and borderline depressed. After a couple days of allowing myself to feel sad, I mentioned my situation to another client/friend of mine – Grappy. Grappy is the OSU Wrestling Coach, a friend, and a client. Without so much as thinking, after he heard me out, he flipped me a card. The card was from a friend of his, Dr. Anup Kanodia, a conventionally trained MD with advanced training in alternative, integrative, and functional medicine. Try saying that fast…

I asked him why he thought this guy was different than my crazy, alternative Cincy doc and he went on and on about how this guy was a Harvard man, OSU, Mayo Clinic magician, all rolled into one. Of course, he’s out of network and expensive. So, I decided to give him a call and give myself another alternative before popping more pills. This brings us back to the beginning of this rant where I slowly climbed the wooden stairs to a non-descript office building this past December. Walking into his office reminded me of walking into Waterbeds and stuff, back in the day. I smelled funny scents and my instincts told me to turn. I walked in, anyway. Once inside his office, my perspective changed. Unlike a normal doc’s office, his was filled with books and eerily I’d read over half of them. He had piles of books on the brain, mindset, primal, and leadership. So, when he walked in, I felt like I already knew him. Remember, you can tell more about a human by looking at their library then listening to them talk. Funny, huh…

Dr. Kanodia looked at my data as he stood next to his laptop. He was quiet and thoughtful it appeared. I had my iPad out ready to take notes and he was glad to see me so interested. What happened next was the coolest experience I’ve had in a medical confine. He asked me questions, all kinda questions. He started easy and then kept getting weirder. I’ll always remember when he asked me if I had noticed any sensitivity to smell recently. “Matter of fact, doc, I have,” I told him almost surprising myself with my quick recall. I told him how I smell a certain candle in the house over all others and it’s kinda weird to me. He then asked me to open my mouth so he could look at my cavities. “This guy is crazy,” played over and over in my brain. And, I like him. He told me that he saw a mouth full of mercury when I said Ah. “Mercury!” I cried. What the heck are you talking about. So, he began to tell me. He explained that he senses a toxicity problem and a food sensitivity one. He kept going. He pulled out my blood report and actually explained every number to me. I’ve been going to a doc since forever and I’ve never fully understood these data’s. I do now. He told me with clinically earned conviction that I do NOT need to go on Crestor or any other cholesterol med’s. In an instant I loved him…

He continued that there is something going on inside and the only way for him to discover the roots was to go deeper than just the normal tests. “Tell me more.” I responded eagerly. He recommended a couple new blood tests and a urine one. I noticed there were many more tests on his big, bad, list and asked him why not this and why not that. He said these tests are expensive and he usually starts with the basics before going all crazy. I told Dr. K. I’m almost 57 and don’t want to piecemeal my way to answering this question about what’s going on inside me any longer. Give me the battery and let’s get after it. So, he did. I peed, pooed, drained 7 viles of blood (thought there wasn’t any left) and timed it all according to his guidelines over the next ten days. It took a bunch of time and kinda sucked, to be honest. Funny what you’ll do when you believe something, huh.  Last week, Miss and I walked up those same steps to hear the first facts from Dr. Kanodia’s look inside. I wanted Miss to go with me to get her take on whatever I was about to be told. We walked in and Dr. Kanodia was putting his papers together. He had a lot of data and was organizing it for me to best receive it. He began with a sober comment that he was glad I had asked for the gauntlet – he was surprised at what he’d found. I didn’t interpret that as good news. I was right.

He began by showing me my toxicity levels. Mercury was off the charts, especially the test that showed what was buried deep within my bone structure. He matter of factly gave me some PA and kept moving. He had lots of data and only so much time.  So, we kept going. He explained the good, the bad, and the ugly. The ugly centered on yeast. Yup, yeast. He read me my immuno bloodprint which highlighted out of 115 foods tested, I’m sensitive to six. Amaranth (crazy grain), pinto bean, corn, pepper, wheat, and finally, yeast. The kid from Kansas can’t take corn, wheat, pepper, and yeast. Miss and I had to laugh about the pepper piece. I PEPPER everything.

He began to tell me how bad the yeastie boy piece is. I have 500 times the normal amount of yeast in my system. Yikes! Yeast loves carbs to keep going and my slow introduction of good carbs back into my diet has been feeding this bad boy for years. All this stuff is irratiing my gut and contributing to cholesterol and bunches of other not so healthy stuff inside. Dr. Kanodia showed me how this is making my liver work overtime and why those nums reflect the yeastie boy badness too. So, we’re starving the yeast and going beyond primal for the next thirty days. We’re going to adjust as the data tells us what is working and what is not. Makes sense to me. He thinks my sleepy, sleep will improve as we get my system healed, as he described it. Miss and I peppered him with questions and he calmly answered ’em all. We met his in house nutritionist, Lauren, and did the same with her. We walked out with a plan and we’re coming back in a month and a half to retest some of the nums. Good.

So, I’m working with a doc. Yes, I’m working with a doc. I am working with a doc. Dr. Kanodia is a lot like me. He’s unconventional not because he’s a contrarian. He’s unconventional because he believes we’ve made health too hard and he has a better way to restore us to a healthy/physical life. I believe him. And, I’ll keep you posted on our progress. It won’t be easy and he may be wrong. Time will tell. However, doc, I did sleep well last night. Really well. And, the new disciplines are hard but not that hard. Thanks for taking your time with me and helping me discover the roots instead of simply reacting to symptoms and mindlessly read data points. Thanks, doc, for tying it together. I certainly don’t know it all or understand it all, but together we’re going to get after it. I feel better just knowing there are doc’s out there like you. God, bless you. I’m a yeastie boy but not for long.


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