Test. Don’t guess…

When pressed on getting clarity on what his leader expects from him, ANP said this would be a lengthy convo because his leader lacks clarity. He went on to tell a story I hear all the time. It’s hard to get into flow in the middle of any system. Fact. It’s hard to get into flow in any part of any system, remember. You have to work at it. You have to put yourself in flow. You have to possess clarity within as to why this is a worthy aim or you’ll just limp along waiting for someone above you to bring clarity toward the promised land. You’ll be left waiting.

Remember, you are the most influential leader of you when you are in flow. Are you beginning to see why flow is so elusive, friend?  Today in practice 3 with a leadership team learning to lead, we turned to the money page, page 61 in the 8 Essentials playbook. We invested the entire practice getting clarity around why the first requirement for flow is so hard and essential. We talked about step one toward that aim is looking up and having the hard convo with your leader regarding their expectations for you. You gotta lead this charge. We role played a few scenerios for why this is important and how to do it. We talked about having a plan for living your opus as a great enabler of this convo. The more clarity you have for your goal, your opus, the better prepared you are to take the talk up the ladder.

So, step one is best handled when you’ve been authoring within and have the kinda clarity that comes from a strong CORE and a self defined labor of love – opus. The setting of clear goals comes after you’ve done this hard work and want to now go through the disciplines of goal setting, expectations, accountability stuff, and the such. I walked this team through a bit more of this process and listened for feedback that told me they’re getting it. I heard some of it. Good.

After practice, I caught up with one of the high performers and challenged her on the most productive way to deal with her feelings. You see, she feels for her leader. She feels he can’t give her the clarity because he’s not getting it from his leader. I challenged her to remember the flow recipe and why high performers buried in the middle of the system are the most prominent practitioners of flow. STOP waiting for it come down from on high. Your leader is not Moses. He’s not coming down from his perch with the Ten Commandments or with the route to your promised land. Hard to hear for sure, but she’s sharp and I think she got it. We’ll see at our next practice if she got it. The proof someone “got it,” leader, is always in what they do with what they were taught. This is the test.

Test. Don’t guess.

So, next practice we’re going to see how each teammate did with what they were taught. I’m hoping they are thinking like Frankee did so many years ago and seeing these k-dev leadership practices as an opportunity. An opportunity for them to take their game to the next level. I’m hoping they taste a little flow on their own, with this team, and with the team they lead. I’m hoping they realize they are the hook to lead themselves to the promised land. And, I hope they understand their clarity will spread to their team as they help them gain the same. I’m hoping this whole team got it. The test is what they do with it prior to practice faux. I’m not guessing. I’m testing. BTL Leaders, remember, assume less.

Test. Don’t guess. Got it? Good…

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