Sunday discipline…

A new discipline we’re seeing great results from is the discipline of writing every Sunday the top 3-6 PA’s for the following week, while reflecting on the top PA from the week that was. In essence, this discipline is how you “slow down and reflect” on living the life you want. Here’s the step by step recipe.

1. Grab your CORE document and read it. Remind yourself who you are trying to become. Remind yourself, who in fact you are. Look at the CORE document and think about your past week. Did you behave in align with your CORE beliefs? Where are your integrity gaps? Who is helping you close them? TWI, remember. Write. Think. Rinse if necessary.

2. Grab your OPUS document and read it. Remind yourself of your labor of love, your OPUS, the aim of your work. Was your OPUS the focus of your week? Did the busyness get in the way? What do you need to stop doing so you can live the life you want at the place you call work? Look at your strategies. Your strategies are how you bring your OPUS into constant focus, remember. Did you have great PA in each strategy? Are there strategies that sound good but don’t have PA behind them? Are there PA you never seem to have energy for doing? Are there PA that are FM, baby and you wish you had time for more? Write. Think. Rinse strategies if necessary.

3. Look at the PA you wrote for the past week. Evaluate your performance simply pass/fail. Done so or fail, right? Write.

4. Slow down and think about your upcoming week. Remember the past week, remember your CORE & OPUS, and reach for some very productive action. Think strategically. Don’t just check off something from your to do list and be done with. Think. Stretch. Reach. You have invested so much time and energy into becoming BTL, don’t go through the motions, don’t let someone else think for you, and don’t ever think you’ve arrived and got it all figured out. You, my friend, have to keep reaching if you want a team that does likewise. Keep working, remember.

5. Send your writing to your builders. If you’re a client of mine, I expect this every Sunday night. Don’t do this when you feel like it. Make this a done so discipline. You’ll see the results, just not right away. Send it to another too. I’ve been amazed at the insight and inspiration that comes from a teammate who sees their leader modeling the way. FM, baby.

Your CORE & OPUS are not static documents. They are not meant to be one and done, or even one hundred and done. Your CORE & OPUS are like you, alive. As long as we’re alive we are meant to evolve, change, grow. The more we change, ironically, the more consistent, calm, and constant we appear. The Sunday discipline isn’t magic. Sunday discipline is a framework for slowing down and building consistent quiet, reflective time into your life. Masters understand as Bono has echoed, “Sometime, it’s absolutely healthy to look back.” We agree. We want a disciplined approach, not a depressing one. Don’t just look back when something bad happens. This, btw, is the norm for healthy humans. Don’t look back and live in the past either. This is what lots of unhealthy folks do. Look back as a discipline. Be hard on evaluating yourself without getting down on self. And, look forward to another great week living in alignment with your CORE and aimed at your OPUS. Masters look back and forward as a discipline for getting better. You, my friend, are meant for mastery. You gotta work for it, consistently. Keep working ’cause you love it, friend. Got it?


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