Push through…

Change is a good idea, kinda like forgiveness, until there is someone specific to forgive, or someone, something, or some habit to change. Slow down and think. Think about a habit you want to change, need to change, talk about changing, try to change, ask for help changing, and still struggle to change. Yup. Change is hard. Change is hard because deep change, the kind that lasts, hurts acutely. Deep change hurts. Few humans put themselves into the acute pain of changing their own behavior, or changing their relationships because it hurts to do so. The vast majority of humans avoid pain. At BTL we teach humans to embrace acute pain. We believe acute pain is instructional. And, we believe elite performances are rendered. The rendering process always involves facing the inevitable element of pain. Good.

Here’s the nuance. The enabler to acute pain that makes you better, not bitter, is a strong CORE and clear OPUS. In other words you’ve decided to put yourself into the acute stuff because it serves your purpose and is aimed at your big dream. Very few humans embrace pain and suffering that is initiated by another – it’s got to be your idea. Elite performers put themselves in the acute pain. Normal folks wait for someone else to deliver the wake up call. Are you getting this?

Challenge, change, grow is good.  My aim is to push myself and inspire my clients into as much acute stuff as they want. Not to be sadistic but, instead, to serve the aim of their OPUS. Pain is inevitable; misery, is a choice. Today, in practice ten, we pushed through some tension in the team. We built some trust and tasted a tiny bit of flow. Good.

Are you pushing through whatever pain is blocking your path to excellence? Are you waiting for a wake up call? You choose. Your choices have consequences…


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