Lincoln led…

November 19, 1863 was a busy day for President Lincoln. On this day he would deliver the Gettysburg address, a speech still talked about today. He wrote most of the speech on the train ride over. Fittingly, that our 16th president was busy working on a train – he was, remember, a railroad lawyer first and foremost. Lincoln was always working on the railroad, wasn’t he.

In fact, two days prior to his famous address, our President made another monumental speech to an audience of one. Lincoln told Doc Durant to start the transcontinental railroad in the tiny town of Omaha. Yes, in the midst of all kind of turmoil, distraction, depression, illness, general malaise, and in the middle of our country’s civil war, Lincoln kept moving, making decisions, and leading. So, next time you feel a bit overwhelmed with the work or life in front of you, remember your heritage, remember others have felt what you’re feeling, and remind yourself to keep working. Keep working, friend.

Thank God, Lincoln kept writing. Thank God, Lincoln kept firing away. Thank God, Lincoln kept dreaming in our most desperate hour. Thank God, Lincoln kept making decisions when it would have been so easy to stop. Thank God, Lincoln was a leader. Lincoln led. Good…

1 thought on “Lincoln led…

  1. Thank you for sharing this particular message today. I have been receiving great amounts of encouragement and also being challenged by many of the post you share. This one in particular was timely as I am working hard to do the best I possibly can in a “job” I don’t want to stay at while trying to continue learning and developing my passion into a means of supporting my family and my/our goals.

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