Trust, T – rust, and what we do…

Trust is the heart of performance. And, Trust, kinda like steel will experience corrosion if you don’t take the time to care. Yesterday, a team of two showed some of the early signs that trust was turning to T – rust. During practice they talked over each other instead of speaking and listening, BTL style, they offered little repair but lots of rationalization. The emotions most communicated were anger and disgust. Stonewalling was in nearly every exchange. Trust was visibly turning to T – rust. It appeared they both believe it’s inevitable. It’s not…

Iron does sharpen iron, friend. However, this assumes the iron is free from corrosion. Once iron is rusty and weakened, it won’t sharpen another. Instead when the two rusty ones come in contact they will make each other less. Trust takes a lifetime of care to build and can turn to T – rust in the blink of an eye. You know this. You understand this. What, leader, are you doing to keep yourself and the iron around you corrosion free? What are you doing to come clean when you cause the breakdown in trust? What are you doing to inspect what you expect with those closest to you? What are you doing to become a master at repair, at rebuilding trust when you see the earliest signs of T – rust?

Trust is the heart of you and your teams peformance. Leader, it’s your job to keep T – rust from causing corrosion. Trust will turn to T – rust without your care. It is not inevitable, it’s just not easy. Trust is up to you and me and what we do. Good…

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