Prepare again…

Today, a leader showed up for practice with me. It is not enough to simply show up, friend. I mean come on man, we expect everybody to show up don’t we. We expect, in fact, we demand much more from you if you are someone in a position to lead us. Fact. We expect you to always be on time and, more importantly, to always be prepared. Bill Self isn’t simply showing up for an early morning shoot around today. He’s already watched game film of Austin Peay and has some ideas where he’s taking practice from today to Thursday’s tip.

Lead anything, friend and you better realize everybody is watching you. You get zero off days when you’re in front of those you lead. Everyday you’ve got to earn the teams commitment. Earn it. So, when you come into practice with me or any BTL builder you can assume we’ve been preparing to take you somewhere special. And, you can count on us testing if you’ve gotta better idea. You can count on us testing your level of preparation. We’re so prepared we can let you grab the reins and still get a win.

Sorry to be such a pain, leader. Welcome to leading anything. Prepare. Practice. Perform. Prepare again…

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